THE official DJ of the New Jersey Devils


let the beat take over


TJ has over 20 years experience as a top level  DJ for bars, clubs, private events and over 15 years experience as DJ and Music Director in the sports and entertainment markets. TJ started as the Music Director and Game Presentation Coordinator for the NJ Nets in 2005 for all home games played at the Continental Airlines Arena (later becoming IZOD Center). He was also their official DJ for all Nets events. As the Nets began preparing for their move to Brooklyn they had 2 seasons to be played at Prudential Center in Newark. During the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 seasons. TJ also was tapped to be the Music Director for the NJ Devils and in 2012 was with them during their unbelievable run to the Stanley Cup Finals. During this time TJ was also the Music Director for Seton Hall Men’s Basketball from 2006-1015 and Music Director and Soundboard Operator for Rutgers Football 2011-2013. 


In 2012 the Nets officially moved to Brooklyn and along with his full time position their as Senior Manager of Game Presentation TJ was once again the Music Director and now also the official DJ of the Brooklyn Nets homes games and events from 2012-2015. During this time TJ also worked all NCAA basketball games including multiple A-10 tournaments played in Brooklyn as well as a few Brooklyn Boxing events. In 2014 TJ was asked by the NBA to serve as the official DJ for NBA All Star Saturday night and the All Star Game in New Orleans. In 2015 was asked to once again be the official DJ of All Star Saturday night in Brooklyn. During his time with the Nets TJ traveled to London, Paris, and China to serve as Music Director and DJ for all Nets international games as well as some NBA events. While traveling these events he was also played at some of the hottest clubs and bars in these destinations. 

In 2018 the NJ Devils asked TJ to fill in a few games as their in game DJ and also a few other games as their Music Director. After a few games they quickly realized TJ would be a great fit to come back and be their Official DJ for all events and homes games as well as their Music Director. In 2021 during the pandemic TJ also covered all the Binghamton Devils games played at Prudential Center as well. TJ continues to grow, thrive, and entertain NJ Devils night and night out at all their home games and events. 

TJ has been a resident DJ at McSwiggans in Hoboken for over 16 years. It has consistently been one of the busiest and most talked about bars in Hoboken, having many celebrities and athletes stop in on any given weekend. TJ has also played at many bars and clubs in the NYC/NJ area and continues to grow and expand to all the new and hottest spots.